Inductor is widely used passive component in DC/DC fields. According to different input voltage, it is divided into two kinds of "isolated" & "non-isolated. PEC also develops Tailor-made products with high efficiency and low loss, by following customer requirement of single- phase or multi-phases circuit design.

High-power inductance is a kind of electromagnetic induction element, mainly according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, when the coil is energized to generate a magnetic field.It uses the inductance generated by the change of induced voltage and magnetic field to suppress the change of current, and has the function of energy storage & filtering.

The most important parameters for high power inductors are rated current and saturation current, which is to ensure that the product does not overheat,The saturation current is to ensure that the product does not saturate under peak loading from system level.

In addition, magnetic core is also an important material, there are Sendust, FS, Ferrite and other different materials, its metal composition is different, the application is also different,There are different magnetic flux densities and different magnetic losses . PEC-Coil selects suitable materials for different rated current and saturated current requirements to meet the customer's needs.

The high power inductor of PEC-Coil is mainly used in the Buck or Boost loop/topology of DC-DC converters, as shown in the figure below: