Common mode Choke is widely used in power electronic devices. The main roles of Common Mode Choke in electronic circuits include: energy storage, filtering, choke, resonance and so on.  In the power supply circuit, because the circuit processing is a high current or high voltage energy transmission, the Common Mode Choke are mostly power-type Chokes.

A common mode choke is an electronic component that is used to filter out electromagnetic interference (EMI) from electronic circuits. It is also known as a common mode filter, line filter, or choke coil. The common mode choke consists of two coils wound on a magnetic core. The coils are wound in such a way that they create a magnetic field that cancels out any common mode noise that is present on the power or signal lines. Common mode noise is a type of EMI that is present on both the power and signal lines of an electronic circuit. It is caused by external sources such as radio waves, motors, or other electrical equipment. This noise can interfere with the normal operation of the circuit and cause errors or malfunctions. By using a common mode choke, the common mode noise is filtered out before it reaches the electronic circuit. This improves the performance and reliability of the circuit. Common mode chokes are commonly used in power supplies, motor drives, communication equipment, and other electronic devices that are sensitive to EMI..