Switching power transformer is widely used in AC-DC & DC-DC power applications. PEC can design the most effective transformer for customer, by following customer circuit needs. PEC also has the capability to develop a customize tooling as the special mechanical requirement to meet purpose of product optimization.


Planar Transformer

High-frequency transformer is a principle that uses electromagnetic induction to generate magnetic flux through the magnetic core and induce the required output voltage through the primary/secondary coil.

PEC transformers can be used in circuits including push-pull, flyback, forward-mode, Active-clamp-forward, LLC resonant mode, and full/half-bridge, including AC-DC and DC-DC different voltage conversion structures.

The important parameter of the transformer is the ET constant (voltage-usec rating), according to different input voltage, output voltage, operating frequency, working cycle and other parameters, calculate the appropriate ET constant and magnetic flux density to avoid magnetic saturation,In addition, the core is also an important parameter, with different metal compositions, different magnetic flux density and magnetic loss, and different application frequency ranges.

Transformers have high-frequency transformers and low-power isolation transformers, low-power isolation transformers are mainly used in communication products, low input voltage, low safety distance requirements High-frequency transformers are mainly used to isolate low-voltage and high-voltage circuits, so they require higher safety distance, mainly used in industrial, automotive and information products.

PEC-Coil has a wide range of products, from 3.3 Watts PoE applications to 5KWatts automotive applications. At the same time, it can be customized for SMD and THT mount, meeting the full range of transformers,In addition, according to the different ambient temperature needs of customers, PEC-Coil has UL1446 Class B, F&H and other insulation system certification for different temperatures (file no:E364522).

In additional, PEC-Coil has supplied the transformers to automotive application since 2013, with AEC-Q200 qualified.